How to Remove Lead from Water? Top Reliable Solutions in 2023

Lead is one of those dangerous metals, if and when mixed with water causes serious health issues as per the view of some health professionals. Water contaminated with lead is a reason for water pollution and creates serious health issues for human health.

But, the question is how to remove it from the water coming into your whole house. Why it is not good for our use? Removing lead from water is crucial for humans only and crucial for the other creatures living in the water.

Apart from health, this also creates severe issues with all your kitchen utensils and clothes in your washing machine. Before moving forward, knowing how this lead came into your house water is essential because learning the cause is most important to resolve it!

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the main results of the excessive usage of lead water are Anemia, Weakness, and Kidney problem.

In this regard removing lead from water becomes very important. So, if you are facing an issue with extracting lead from water, you should follow the guide we provided below.

Let’s learn about how to remove lead from water.

How do Lead Particles Come into Water?

Although there are many ways by which lead is encountered in your home and tap water, two of these are the most critical and are the main reason for water contamination.

The first reason is the heavy water of industries. Only a few countries have proper water management systems after their removal from the industries as waste material.

When it reaches the groundwater by rivers, seas, and other local water resources, this waste fluid is a significant reason for lead leaching.

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This lead leaching increases day by day and accumulates its roots by lead oxides. When reached your home and tap, the water through wells and motors, this lead is the main reason for water contamination.

The second reason for lead incoming into tap water is usually the use of lead pipes that most people use. In recent years upon analyzing the cause of water contamination was lead plumbing activities.

The research made by Environmental Protection Agency shows that lead services lines are the biggest reason for health problems.

Health Effects of Lead in Water

Lead water has serious side effects both in children as well as in adults. When a person drinks water, this lead accumulates in the body cells day by day.

Don’t even consider the myth that it can be removed by some home remediation or by waste materials. Neglecting the issue will be dangerous to your health.

The main effects found in children are learning issues, behavioral issues, lower IQ levels, slow growth, and blood diseases.

In adults, it causes kidney and heart diseases. In pregnant women, it causes reproductive issues and fetus problems.

How to know that My Water is Lead Contaminated?

Knowing and detecting the lead in water is more critical and severe than removing it. But before solving the issue, it’s necessary to understand how you can see lead in water.

It is a frequently asked question that many people ask because getting rid of information is easy after detection. In this section, we provided some ways to detect lead in water.

There are two different ways to detect home water for the lead!

How to know that My Water is Lead Contaminated?

Method 1

Take a sample, if you doubt that your water is contaminated. There are some stripes available in the market quickly. Buy a strip and keep it in water.

It will detect if your water is positive or negative for the lead test.

Method 2

To know if your pipes are made of lead, use a coin. Find corrosion in your line and make some scratches with cash. Your pipe is defiantly made of information if there is a gold color after scratches made by coins.

Ways of Removing Lead from Water

Here are some simple and specific ways to remove lead from water. Several methods are available in the market, and people use them according to their availability.

Although there are many available products in the market and each of them has its value. But very few are according to specific desires or ones wishing.

Using a lead-removing water filter is the most straightforward solution.

Below are some methods, including the whole house water filters for lead removal.

Lead Removal Water Filters – Best Rated & Working

A lead water filter is an astonishing device and technical product which is now available in the market quickly.

The best thing about the product is that you can remove the lead from the whole house water system instead of a specific tap or motor.

Note: Finding the right water filter is more important, so you can also check the whole house water filters for lead removal.

In the market, different types of lead water are found according to the specific material and removal of lead. However, some essential types are given below:

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Whole House Water Filters
  • Shower Water Filters
  • Distillation
  • Water Filter Pitcher

Types of Lead Removal Water Filters – Detailed Guide

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis is the most important type of water filter, also named RO, working on reverse osmosis.

It only allows some particles to pass through the system filter and keep behind those particles that are not useful, including lead and lead oxides.

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Here, a carbon cartridge attracts lead particles behind the specific system to filter points and ensure lead-free water in your taps.

Whole House Water Filter

With a water-cleaning capacity of 1,50,000 Gl per day, a whole-house water filter is one of the versatile devices installed at the mainline of the water system.

It is the one which once installed works for a long time for all houses. There is only one central point of the water system, which assures more than 90% of lead removal from water.

Shower Water Filters

There are specific filters that are installed only at the shower points. Lead, when entered into hairs and hair skulls, may cause severe issues to the skull.

When the water reaches the shower, it is filtered by the system, and lead-free water comes out of the storm.

There are many other types of lead removal filters from water, but the above are primary and fundamental.

All others can be a combination of the above types. We recommend using one which is according to your choice and wish.


Distillation is another process to remove lead and is valuable. If you cannot afford a water filter or it’s not available to you, a lead removal distiller is an attractive choice.

It works on evaporation and removes lead by evaporating its compounds in the air.

It is somehow easy but only works for a small water system or a specific family. And hence when water reaches your system or taps, it’s free of lead.

Water Filter Pitcher

Water filter pitcher - Best to remove lead from water

A lead filter pitcher is one of the fantastic devices which cost less. It is made for only one person for drinking purposes. Just like a jug with a filter, when it reaches to endpoint provides lead-free water.

So, if you can’t afford the above ways, you can even try this pitcher to make personal water clean and lead-free. It would help if you were wandering knowing that it removes 99% of lead from water.


Here are some frequently asked questions with answers.

No, don’t make the mistake to boil water for lead removal.  The reason is that instead of removing lead, it will contaminate the information and other harmful compounds, including mercury.

There is no specific way to remove lead from water. The reason is that there are only filters or some distillers-like products that can only help to get clean water.

However, if you are stills about lead removal from water, here are some ways to eliminate it:

  • On the shower or tap for the 3 minutes before final usage
  • Do not boil your water to remove water
  • Detect if your pipes are made of lead, and try to change them as soon as possible
  • Using filters is the only primary and permanent solution

All the above types are suitable to use without any health risks. But it depends upon your family size and usage.

For example, if you need a lead water filter to remove lead only by specific taps, then use a reverse osmosis filter at that point.

Similarly, if you want to extract information from the whole house, using a whole-house lead filter is an excellent choice.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that removing lead from water is a very critical task. But following tested procedures is essential and appreciated in case you strictly perform one.

Many industries offer in-house water filter installation; you can use them in case you are reluctant or don’t know how to install a water filter or distiller.

In the end, always follow guides by doctors or advisors if you found lead in your water for drinking purposes or any other purpose.

To avoid health risks nowadays because of polluted water and the environment, it is necessary to see if your water is lead-free or not.

For more information, please read our latest blogs and don’t hesitate to ask a question. Our comment box is always open to you.

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