How to Remove Arsenic from Water? A Detailed Guide in 2022

Arsenic is an essential element in the periodic table, which is helpful for many useful activities. Being a metal, it can be used to design different valuable products, mainly including those used in plumbing activities. But when Arsenic is encountered in drinking water and well water, it creates various diseases, including diarrhea and flu.

Water contaminated with Arsenic is not suitable for washing and many other activities due to its harmful effects. So, there must be ways about how to remove Arsenic from water? Yes! Different ways help to remove Arsenic from water.

When you know that your water is contaminated with water, there are two ways to get rid of it. Either to arrange clean water free of Arsenic or to remove Arsenic from water. Most people can’t afford or place clean water, but it’s good to remove Arsenic.

How to Remove Arsenic from Water - A detailed guide

Here in this article, we will describe how to remove Arsenic from well water? On the other hand, knowing the cause of Arsenic in water is more important. So, firstly we will describe the reason for arsenic entry into the water and its effects on human health.

🤔 How Arsenic Comes In Water?

There are different ways of arsenic entry into the water. The primary source of Arsenic in water is the groundwater and drinking water below the earth or upper surface of the water. It comes from the underground water, which has a large amount of Arsenic in water.

Another resource of Arsenic in drinking water and well water is the water pollution caused by industrial waste; Most of the industries through their waste material consist of Arsenic and them through it without any treatment.

🤕 Effects of Drinking Water with Arsenic

As we mentioned above that Arsenic is very harmful to human health which may cause serious diseases. In this section, there are some effects of Arsenic in water:

  • It creates several diseases, including skin discoloration, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and blindness.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council in 2000 shows that water contaminated with Arsenic caused 500 million people all over the world who have higher risks of cancer.
  • Arsenic is the main reason for removing your hair and clothes when you wash them with contaminated water.
  • Long-term arsenic exposure to water is the biggest reason for arsenic poisoning in the body and leads to skin cancer which is the ultimate type.

These are a few effects of arsenic water, but the research and results do not limit to this. Many other facts highlight the impact of contaminated water on human health and other animals.

🧪 How to Test Arsenic in Water?

Although it’s very tough to test and deduct Arsenic in water because it’s a tasteless and colorless metal, however, we recommend using private or public laborites for the sake of arsenic test in water.

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Kits are available, which helps to tell about the arsenic amount in water. Less than 10BBP amount of Arsenic is not dangerous. But the professionals still recommend removing it even if tiny traces of Arsenic are found.

🧠 Ways to Remove Arsenic from Water

There are several ways to remove Arsenic from water, from simple to complicate. Some people think that boiling Arsenic can eliminate it from water, but it’s only a myth.

So, do not make the mistake of boiling water just for the sake of arsenic removal. It will help to condensate Arsenic in a more specific way. Let’s have a look at the different processes and solutions to remove arsenic from water.

1. Arsenic Water Filter

Using a water filter to remove Arsenic from water is the most efficient way, which helps to clean the water up to a good level for both drinking and the cleaning purpose. Different types of water filters are available that you can choose based on the material and the way it removes Arsenic from water. Two of these which we mentioned below are most common and famous.

a. Reverse Osmosis Filter

A reverse osmosis filter based on the reverse membrane is an important and efficient way to remove Arsenic from water. Using a membrane helps only pass the suitable substances from the filter and leave behind the arsenic particles at the exit point. It is well-reputed but needs some instructions to install at your home.

While buying a RO filter, keep in mind the suggestions by the owner. You must be happy to know that this filter can remove 99% of Arsenic from well water and drinking water. The overall cost to install this filter is only $150 to $400 in minimum and maximum ranges.

b. Whole House Water Filter for Arsenic

A whole house water filter to remove Arsenic from water is another effective way of removing Arsenic from water. The plus point about the filter is that once installed, it helps clean water of the whole house rather than only of the specific part or the specific tap.

Hence a full house water filter is most effective to remove Arsenic from water.

2. Distillers

Distillers are other vital products that help to remove Arsenic from water. They work on the principle of evaporation. Once we put water in the distiller, it will evaporate all harmful substances, including Arsenic and its products, from moisture.

Hence, all contaminants related to Arsenic are removed, and clean water is left behind for drinking and other washing activities.

3. Remove Arsenic from Home

How to remove Arsenic from water at home is another crucial question people ask. It’s not an easy task that can be performed at home. The precipitation process and adding lime in water can be a beneficial way to remove Arsenic from water.

It’s so easy that everyone could perform it efficiently. But it does not provide 100% assured of arsenic removal from water. But can lower the arsenic contents in water up to a great extent. After that, your drinking water is ready to use.

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In precipitation, you add any substance which has some attractiveness towards the Arsenic. Arsenic, in this way, goes towards the importance, and you can filter the water to get clean water.  The procedure is the same for lime as well.

For more information, check out the video in detail!!

📝 FAQs

There are many ways to remove or lower arsenic levels in the well water. Reverse osmosis, whole house water filter, and distillation are the main of those.

Arsenic is dangerous in well water that drinking it may lead to serious health issues from body pain to skin cancers.

No, it’s not helpful to boil water for the removal of Arsenic. Additionally, if you want to remove it at home, precipitation or distillation is a helpful way.

💡 Conclusion

Above is a complete guide on how to remove Arsenic from the water via some of the most important and tested ways. Ensure that all the methods must be applied as per the instructions of the experts or professionals.

Removing Arsenic from water is necessary to get rid of different diseases and to get healthy water. We recommend using the above ways for its removal from water.

If you still are confused about how to remove arsenic from water, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below. We are available to help you anytime.