How to Install a Whole House Water Filter in 2023? A Step-by-Step Guide

A whole house water filter system provides clean water free of diseases and water-borne chemicals. If you want to drink flavorsome water each time you open a tap, then a whole house water filtration system is the ultimate choice.

In this post, we provided requirements and a complete guide in detail on ‘How to Install a Whole House Water Filtration System?’.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems - Installation Guide

Installing a whole house water filter system is not a difficult task if the steps and guides are followed properly. Many of you think it’s tough to install it, but it’s only a myth as you are unaware of the things correctly.

If you have enough time, patience, and the right tools that are required to install it, then it’s really easy to accomplish this task.

However, there are some requirements and points which are necessary to keep in mind before installation. We have provided a complete guide below, so don’t worry and continue reading to learn more!


Some requirements, basically some tools, are as under, which are readily available and needed for the installation process.

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bucket
  • Drill bit
  • Telefone tap
  • Soldier supplies
  • Pipe cutter or a saw

How to Install a Whole House Water Filter System? A Step-by-step Approach

How to Install Whole House Water Filtration System?

As we mentioned above, that whole house water filter is not tough to install but is a combination of steps that needs to follow gradually. Let’s have a look at those steps one by one:

Before starting with the usage of tools, keep sure that the water supply is shut off at a specific time when it’s time to start this system.

Step 1: Close Water Supply & Make a Cut on the Pipes

If there is water in taps or fixtures, then open all the taps and the showers so that there is no water to create pressure or any hurdle later while processing.

Now decide the place where you want to install the water filter system. Deciding the place is as necessary as any other motor at your home. And the wrong place of the filter can affect on overall water and pipeline system.

Do not cut a piece of pipe from a place which is each to handle later in case of water pressure or any hurdle while processing this procedure.

Ensure that the cut must be good enough to handle the filtration system because it’s this pipe that needs to be used at different times.

Step 2: Prepare Both Ends of the Pipes

The very next steps include preparing the ends of pipes to attach enough that they can handle an external pipe. Use a nut and place it on the end of a pipe (where you cut).

It’s not enough for a pipe’s end that can easily remove by a nut or screw in case of a sudden scratch. So use Teflon tape to make the end strengthen.

Use the same procedure on the other end of the pipe to make it hold stronger.

Step 3: Fix the Whole House Water Filter

The next step, which is probably the most crucial step, is to fix the filter into the pipes.

Here, take the filter you bought or prepared for installation and then use it to fit between the entry and exit points in both of the ferrules (end of pipes you just prepared in the previous steps).

Tight it with the help of nuts and leave it for an hour to fix as one wants. (Leaving without working is a tip that most people do not understand).

Step 4: Turn on Water Supply and Check

Turn on the water supply after an hour and see that there is no leakage. If you find a leakage, resolve the issue with the help of nuts, pipes, or tape where it’s needed.

Furthermore, increase water pressure to learn and be sure that there is no problem when the pressure is high. It is necessary to look at the earliest as you can solve the issue before the severity of the problem is increased and gets tensed later.

Make sure that you have read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying this procedure for satisfaction. If you still find a problem, call a professional plumber who can detect and fix the problem.

If you still have any confusion about the instructions or required more information, check out the video below!

? Types of Whole House Water Filter Systems for Installation

There does exist a lot of types of water filtration systems that confuse people about which is best for them according to their needs and interest.

Three of these types are most important and valuable to know. After reading about types, it’s easy for you to decide which type of filter is easy and recommended to install.

Reverse Osmosis

An essential and well-reputed type is reverse osmosis which aims to remove dissolved harmful ions from the water with the aid of who house filter. It works on the principle of increasing pressure when up to 60 PSI (American Society).

By this pressure, harmful ions are not allowed to enter the filter and tap. It uses a semipermeable membrane that aims to pass only those substances and ions by the filter, which is not harmful. It has many pros, and the main of these are:

  • Providing clean and tasty water
  • Budget-friendly cost
  • No extra requirements are required, and you can install it yourself

Carbon Filter System

Another critical and ergonomic type of filter is the carbon filter system which is easy to use. Affordable and removes many harmful ions, typically chlorine, sodium, and other common mineral ions. But the drawback is that it is unable to remove heavy mineral ions.

Although it will never affect water quality and health, people still consider knowing the cons besides only the pros. On the other hand, many large-scale industries use this filter due to its exceptional water quality products and improving human health through clean water.

Ion Exchange Water Filter System

This is the third type of water filter system that is essential to use. It helps to improve the quality of water by use of the resin in it. Resin works on the principle of removing unwanted ions from water.

In other words, we can say that it’s a water softener that makes the hard water soft by eliminating those ions which belong to the hard substance of magnesium and calcium probably. It is easy to install as you don’t need to call a plumber or professional.

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If you are using well water at your home, must check some of the other types of water filtration systems that are highly recommended for well water so that you can enjoy safe, fresh, clean & healthy water

Some Major Filtration System Types for Well Water:

Final Verdict

A whole-house water filtration system can be an excellent choice to purify the water. It becomes more excellent to use if you live in a background area where you face harmful ions and substances in your home supplies. It not only saves you from harmful ions but also provides high-quality clean water for use.

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Follow the above guide gradually and install a whole-house filter. Must use the best whole-house water filter cartridges with your purification system to ensure safe water for drinking and cooking.

Keep visiting our latest blogs for more updates. Stay hydrated and stay safe with fresh and healthy drinking water!

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