Why Are Berkey Water Filters Banned in California?

Berkey water filters are essential types of water tech devices that are well-reputed all around the world. These are based on the Berkey black filter principle, which doesn’t only remove iron but also nitrogen and/or other common water substances that are not good for drinking. Besides, these common chemical filters also remove other 2000 different chemicals to clean your drinking water.

But if you are living in California, you must know that these filters are banned there and if you have a similar question as to why are Berkey water filters banned in California, read this entire post to get the answer to your question.

After some reviews by users and based on their views, here are some issues which we have highlighted here why Berkey water filters are banned in CA. Moreover, we also added why are Berkey filters illegal in California.

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🔎 Some Common Issues about Berkey Water Filter California

Recently, some people tried to sell out filters that are not even certified from any trusted sources or any other third-party resources in California. It was the biggest reason which blocked people from other reliable companies to not sell these products especially the Berkey filters.

On the other hand, according to No-Lead Law, it’s unethical to sell these products. It’s only an overview of why these Berkey filters are banned in California, although some people sell excellent and high-quality products.

📜Berkey Water Filter California – Legal Issues

According to the No Lead Law, products should be certified by the California Government Authority, and no products are allowed to sell and used, which eliminates more than 0.25% of lead.

On the other hand, it must be a certified product. People can’t even sell third-party products without some testing procedures especially NSF or ANSI. This law was passed in 2009.

No Lead Law 2009

🤔 Berkey Won’t Get A Certification in California; why?

Berkey water filters don’t receive any NSF or ANSI certifications in California. The main reason behind this seen was Berkey’s privacy. It does not share its products information with anyone. And in case if share it, and then it would be a bad vibe for it as nowadays people are digging to copy a brand.

Moreover, Berkey doesn’t share elements used in its design. Some brands are trying to replicate this brand, but because of less knowledge and information, they don’t share it.

Primarily, sharing its secrets will badly affect the sales as there are many other cheapest brands here. Berkey is not acceptable. Although California has mentioned that it won’t share any private information as privacy matters a lot for everyone still, Berkey said that it’s can be risky.

Now it’s easier to understand why California has banned this Berkey water filter brand despite its good results, which remove many contaminants from water.

Remember that it’s not a loss for the Berkey brand that its products are not sold out in California.

Still, worldwide it’s getting higher sales compared to other water filters of even low price and high quality.

Want to Get Berkey Filter in Calfornia?

Many people are living in California want to buy a Berkey Water Filter and are waiting for some ways to purchase this product legally. Don’t worry, here we mentioned a complete detail on buying a Berkey water filter in California.

Before further information, you must remember that some types of Berkey filters, including travel Berkey and Berkey light, are allowed to sell there. The reason is that these types are according to the rules and regulations of California. Here are some further details on both of these products:

1. Berkey Light

Berkey Light - Allowed in California

It’s a type of filter enriched with two free water-shelled plastic filters that have two filters on the top side of the product. These filters are made of BPA-free plastic. These two filters in one remove several contaminants from water and make it pure for drinking purposes. These filters are available in different water-holding capacities. 2.5 gallons is its highest capacity.

If you want a less budget Berkey water filter which is easy to use and is your outdoor friend, this filter is an ideal choice for you. It’s dead easy to use as it’s free of any technical issues in its opening and closing.

2. Travel Berkey

Travel Berkey - Allowed in California

Travel Berkey is another essential and famous type of water filter Berkey brand which is small in size than a Berkey light. It’s easy to hold while traveling and is made for those highly concerned about their water needs during travel. With an outer surface made of stainless steel, its warranty time is more as it works more than a Berkey filter.

Moreover, its inner side has a gravity shed water filter, which provides highly pure water for drinking usage. It removes fluoride, nitrogen, bacteria, and viruses, including many other harmful substances from water.

In addition, it works for a long time and has an excellent warranty time. The maximum capacity of this water filter is 1.5 Gallons, but it always depends upon size. The one with 1.5 gallons is of the highest capacity.

💡 How to Get Berkey Water Filters in California?

Although these water filters are banned in California, here are some ways to know how you can get a Berkey filter in California without any issue or any illegal means.

Read the complete guide to learn the possible ways by which Berkey is allowed to be used in California. Do note that Berkey works on the principle of gravity shed counter ship mechanism where water attracts towards the bottom of the filter, i.e., towards the gravity. On the top side, sediments and contaminants are left behind.

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So, what are the facts in actuality when you need a Berkey to remove contaminants from water, but you are unable to buy as it’s not allowed here officially to sell out?

As a workaround you can ask to buy a Berkey for your friend or relative that lives in other countries or other cities. It is allowed in this case to purchase these products.

🧠 Frequently Asked Questions

Although these filters can remove plenty of contaminants available in water, they don’t remove mineral ions from water. But yes, they can remove sedimentary minerals. It’s not a negative point about these filters at all.

After five years, it’s recommended to replace the Berkey filter with the Berkey brand. Its full warranty and working time are more buy five years are enough to use for high-quality results.

Yes, it can remove E Coli bacteria from water with all other stains and types of bacteria. The final water which you receive is clean and clear.

Berkey filter is not an NSF-certified filter because it doesn’t share its secrets at any rate to any third party or third company. No matter how much loss it gains after this activity but it believes that its industry elements are necessary to be kept private at all costs.

Yes, it can remove lead particles from the water to make it more clear and useful for drinking.

Yes, these Berkey water filters are 100% safe to use due to their greater efficiency and the capacity to remove harmful substances from water.

✔️ Final Verdict

Above is the complete information about why are Berkey water filters banned in California. Moreover, what’s its benefits and if you want to get these filters, what’s the procedure you need to follow to get these Berkey filters is also explained.

Two types of filters are essential, including Travel Berkey and Berkey light. Primarily, using these filters, you get high-quality drinking water free of viruses, germs, and other contaminants in water. Moreover, some thoughts on how to get these filters are mentioned.

Now people are planning to again request Berkey for the certifications by California third-party companies. For some years, Berkey won’t allow its product to certify by the companies and California State but it is hoped that it will be done sometime in the future.

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