Why Does My Water Taste/Smell Like Metal?

Most of the time, when you drink water, it tastes and smells like metal. It is not one of the common problems which most people face. But the question is that why does my water taste/smell like water? If you are curious to know, scroll down and read the full post.

Besides mentioning the reasons for metal like smell and taste of water, we also explained how you could get rid of this issue using some authentic ways.

🔍 What Causes to Taste and Smell Water Like Metal?

According to a US study, there are 316 contaminants found in the tap water of most areas. Specifically, water tastes and smell like metal which is being a critical issue day by day. There may be different reasons leading to the root cause of this issue, but some common reasons are given following.

The first and most possible prediction is that your water may contain a high amount of copper and other metals, which combine with copper and result in different substances. Sometimes Iron, Manganese, lead, and zinc metals also lead your city or well water to taste and smell like metal if available in high proportions, so they need to be removed from the water. You can also check our guides to remove iron and lead from water.

Another reason is that your water pipes are too old that they get rust due to iron metal on it. One more reason which is needed to be mentioned here is the chemicals which are used to wash pipes. These chemicals attract iron pipes toward themselves and cause chlorine, iron, and other elements to keep on pipes’ inner and outer surfaces. The ultimate results lead the water to smell, and affected water (which reaches your tap by passing through these pipes) tastes like metal.

Furthermore, if your pipes are made up of iron, lead, or any other metal, then this is another potential reason for the overall issue.

💡 According to a scientific study, if tap water has low pH contamination, it’s another possible reason for smelling and tasting water like any metal.

Above are some common and potential reasons why your water taste and smell like metal. Now here below are the effects and the possible solutions and ways by which you can get rid of this low-quality water problem.

🧪 Effects of Metallic Water

Drinking and using metallic water may lead to different health issues in humans. It may cause diarrhea, coughing, liver, and kidney diseases. Furthermore, it’s the biggest reason to cause corrosion at your teeth and lessens the shining of your teeth. So, if you ask whether metallic water is terrible for you, the answer is 100% yes.

Besides leading to health issues in humans, this water also reduces the warranty time of all goods and elements that you wash with water that has any metals in it.

📝 How to Get Rid Of Metallic Taste and Smell In Tap Water

How to Get Rid Of Metallic Taste and Smell In Tap Water

The first thing is to test your water and check the metal proportions by going to a water testing laboratory. You can also check our guide on how to test well water. There are several other ways but using a professional and authentic way is the best approach as it is a matter of your health.

Now, if your water has more contamination of metals besides lead, then it’s not a problematic issue. But if there is lead in more proportion, then you must get rid of it. Let us know some ways to get rid of this issue:

1. Replacing Metallic Pipes

The first and the most important thing is to replace your metal pipes if you are using them at your home or any other place where water is used for drinking purposes.

Although most of the lines are available in metals, some metals have no health issues; ask a professional for advice and replace your old pipes.  

2. Check If All Taps and Faucets Have Same Issues

Check all taps at your home and see if all the fixtures have the same metallic taste and smell in the water or not. If there is only one or two, then there is an issue with your tap and faucets.

In this case, replace that tap and faucets with the newest one. Check out our reviews for the best bathroom faucets for hard water.

3. Increasing Water pH Level

If your pH has low water, you must use some ways to increase the pH of the water. You can add those chemicals and substances in water with the highest pH concentration, i.e., soda ash or sodium bicarbonates or their ions.

Increasing Hydrogen ion concentration in water is the main aim. You can do it by using any chemicals or substances that can increase hydrogen ion concentration in water.

4. Filtration Methods

Using some filters, including ion exchange filters or reverse osmosis filters, you can quickly get rid of this issue. It takes less time but is expensive somehow. Furthermore, it works for a long time. Iron filtration systems are also highly recommended to remove the metallic taste and smell from water.

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Here all water moves through a membrane that helps pass only wanted particles into the tap and leave behind the unwanted particles as waste material.

💡 Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you have a detailed answer for the question as to why does my water taste and smells like metal and how you can get rid of this issue. In the article, we also highlighted the health issues due to the bad quality of water as it’s a severe problem that needs to be solved.

Still, if you need any assistance or our advice in this regard, feel free to leave us a comment or a private message anytime. We are always here to solve your queries.

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