How Does Brita Filter Indicator Work: How Long Does it Last?

Brita’s Filter Indicator is a revolutionary product that keeps track of how long your Brita water pitcher has been in use. Not only does it make sure you replace your filter on time, but it also helps optimize the performance of your system.

It is a small device that attaches to the exterior of your Brita water pitcher and continuously monitors the life of your filter. The indicator consists of three LEDs that indicate when it’s time to change the filter, as well as a button for resetting the timer.

This guide will explain how does Brita Filter Indicator work and why it’s so important for keeping your water clean and healthy.

What is a Brita Filter Indicator?

Brita’s Filter Indicator is a device that is designed to monitor the life of your water filter and alert you when it’s time to replace it.

It features an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays an indicator light and timer, so you know exactly how much time is left before you need to change out the filter. The device has three LEDs that illuminate in different colors when triggered by an embedded microchip.

  • The red light indicates when the filter needs replacing,
  • The yellow light shows when only half of its lifespan has been used up.
  • The green light means that there is still plenty of life left in your filter and no replacement is necessary yet.

In addition, there is a button on top of the indicator which can be used to manually reset the timer once you have changed your filter so you don’t need to worry about keeping track yourself.

Alternatively, the clock starts counting down when you install a new filter, and once it reaches zero, you’ll know it’s time to get a fresh one.

How Does Brita Filter Indicator Work?

The Brita Filter Indicator works by monitoring how much water passes through the filter. When you first install a new filter, the indicator light will be green. This means that everything is running as expected.

As more water runs through the filter, the indicator will slowly turn from green to yellow (warning) to red (replace). This signals that your filter has reached its maximum capacity and needs to be replaced immediately.

In addition to monitoring the life of your filters, Brita’s Filter Indicator also includes an integrated timer that counts down from 60 days or about two months until you need to replace them.

This countdown starts when you first turn on the indicator after installing a new filter.

So if you forget or don’t have time to change out your filters as often as recommended (once every two months), then this feature can help ensure they are always kept up-to-date.

What Should You Do When Your Brita Filter Has Reached Its Limit?

When your Brita Filter Indicator lights up red, this means that your current filter has reached its limit and should be replaced as soon as possible. To do this;

  • Simply purchase a new filter from any store that sells them or order one online if necessary. Check the best whole-house water filters.
  • Remove the old one by pressing down on the tab located at the bottom of the lid and pulling it out gently.
  • Insert your new filter into place until it clicks securely into place. Then close the lid and reset your Brita Filter Indicator (if applicable).

Now you have access to fresh filtered water again!

Can You Reset The Brita Filter Indicator?

Yes. Most Brita filters come with an easy-to-use reset button located near the top of their lids. Simply press it down for a few seconds to reset your indicator back to green.

Keep track of how much longer you can use it before needing a replacement filter again. And if yours doesn’t have one built-in, most models are compatible with digital timers which can be used instead.

Just make sure to set them correctly according to manufacturer instructions before using them for the best results.

What type of filters can I use with my Brita Filter Indicator?

The Brita Filter Indicator works with all types of standard Brita pitchers and faucet-mounted systems.

It will also work with many different types of alternative replacement filters such as Culligan, PUR, GE, Waterpik, and DuPont brand water filter cartridges.

Does changing my Brita filter every 30 days mean I won’t get sick ever?

No, unfortunately not even changing out filters every 30 days will guarantee total protection against all sources of sickness or contamination in drinking water.

However, using a certified NSF/ANSI 53 and 42 standards filtered pitcher like Brita will help reduce many common contaminants found in tap water like chlorine tastes and odors as well as lead and cadmium.

The benefit of having an indicator like Brita’s installed on their pitchers allows users to make sure they are regularly replacing their filters according to manufacturer recommendations.

This can further reduce those potential contaminants and help ensure optimal filtration performance moving forward.

Is there any other way to check if my filter needs replacing?

Yes. You can also purchase a handheld TDS meter that measures Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in drinking water.

These devices are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, they are great for checking if your filters need replacing without having an indicator installed directly onto them.

Another option would be testing kits such as by TapScore which allow users to test their drinking water for contamination without having any special equipment whatsoever.

These kits provide immediate results but do require some technical knowledge about what levels are safe for consumption.

So if you’re planning on using either one make sure you read up on their usage instructions beforehand.

Why is using Brita’s Filter Important?

For one thing, using Brita’s filtered water helps reduce contaminants like lead, chlorine, and mercury in drinking water without adding any unnatural chemicals or flavors.

This ensures that whatever comes out of your tap is safe for consumption while still tasting great.

Additionally, using filtered water can help protect against limescale buildup in plumbing fixtures like soft or hard water faucets and showerheads something regular tap water can’t do.

But perhaps most importantly of all: by replacing filters regularly with Brita’s Filters Indicators which lets you know when they should be changed, you can make sure impurities are removed from your drinking water supply quickly and efficiently at all times.

Can I lower my water usage with my Brita Filter Indicator?

Yes. The Filter Indicator helps you become more conscious about how much water you are using since it can accurately measure how much fluid has gone through your system.

This means that instead of changing out your cartridge every 2 months as they recommend, you can wait until the indicator light turns on saving both money and water in the long run.


With so many benefits for both convenience and health reasons, keeping track of when your Brita Filter needs replacing is essential and thankfully easy thanks to its handy indicator light.

Brita’s Filters Indicator is a simple but powerful tool for making sure your drinking water stays clean and safe over time.

By monitoring when filters need to be replaced with its integrated timer, this device ensures contaminant levels stay low while saving money on costly replacements.

Just remember when it lights up red switch out for a new one right away so you never have to drink contaminated or unclean water again.

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