Demineralized Water vs Distilled Water – Challenges in Water Treatment

Demineralized Water vs Distilled Water

Demineralized water is made by passing water through a filter that removes minerals. This process doesn’t remove all water impurities, but most of them. On the other hand, Distilled water is made by boiling water and then condensing the steam. This process removes is effective in removing all the impurities from the water, including minerals … Read more

What Causes Water Discoloration and How to Get Rid of Brown Well Water?

Why Is My Well Water Brown and How to Remove it from Supplies?

While turning on the tap water, if you observe brownish water continuously, it’s an alarming situation that needs to be addressed on high priority. Iron entry into the water, rust, tannin, broken-down water softener resin beads, bad Well structure, silt, and muddy pipes are some of the common causes of your brown well water that … Read more

Well Water vs. City Water – Which is best and why? A Guide for 2023

Well Water vs City Water - Which is the best and Why

Well water vs. city water is one of the most common comparisons nowadays. Prospective homeowners are confused to decide which water source is the better for them. If you’re going to buy your future home, you have to choose whether your family members feel comfortable with well water, city water, or both. People who are accustomed … Read more

Why Are Berkey Water Filters Banned in California? (Latest: 2023)

Why Are Berkey Water Filters Banned in California?

Berkey water filtration systems are the essential types of water treatment devices well recognized and reputed all over the world. Their systems are based on the black filter principle, which doesn’t only remove iron or other heavy metals from water, but also nitrogen and/or other common water elements. Besides, these water purification systems are capable … Read more