Best Fluoride Water Filters | Review & Pre-Purchase Considerations 2023

Residential and commercial applications are actively seeking top-quality fluoride water filters. These filters effectively remove fluoride and chlorine from the entire house’s water supply, whether it comes from a well or municipal source.

The rising health risks associated with fluoride water have raised concerns about people’s well-being. Prioritizing safety, individuals are taking steps to protect their health by investing in reliable fluoride water filters.

As freshwater has high amounts of fluorides and other water impurities, the need for a fluoride filter has increased ever since. These fluoride filters are rated based on their size, filtration process, the technology used, the type of installation, and the life of the cartridge. 

After carrying out a deep market survey and a series of testing, we have put together a complete review article of top-rated fluoride filters for the whole house and the point-of-use available on the market.

Furthermore, a buyer’s guide can help you figure out the important factors you must consider before buying it.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher - Best Fluoride Filter
Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher for Fluoride Removal
  • Made up of BPA free food-grade material
  • Eliminates more than 230+ contaminants
  • Can hold a half-gallon of water at a time
  • Capable of filtering 100 gallons before replacement
Editor’s Choice
AquaTru Countertop - Best RO Whole House Fluoride Water Filter
AquaTru Countertop RO Whole House Fluoride Filter
  • No technical installation is required
  • Fast and easy set up with instant working
  • A digital display shows important parameters, including filter change, temperature, and others
  • Long-lasting life span
Large Storage Filter
Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Filter- Best Efficient Fluoride Removal System
Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Fluoride Filter
  • The fluoride filter can filter out more than 200+ contaminants
  • Comes with portable and compact size
  • Can purify raw water from natural sources like ponds, rivers, and streams
  • Large purifying capacity

Best Water Filters to Remove Fluoride and Chlorine in 2023

1. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher – Best Overall

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher - Best Budget

The Pitcher is well-designed and one of the best fluoride water filters, rated as the second number in the list of our top picks. It is famous for its fluoride removal along with lead and “Forever chemicals”.

Moreover, it claims to remove more than 230+ contaminants that may harm your health by being present in tap water.

You don’t need to worry about any contamination of the Pitcher itself because of its BPA-free food-grade material.

The major water pollutants include fluoride, arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium 6, benzene, and many others that can impair water quality while keeping your health at risk. 

Furthermore, the Pitcher provides a lifespan of 100 gallons of water to get its filter element changed. This means if you are filling one gallon a day, it will require replacement after 3 to 4 months. 

Although the Pitcher is not NSF certified as a new product in the market, it fulfills all of the certification criteria as third-party testing done by Envirotek Laboratories. 

What I like?
  • Made up of BPA free food-grade material
  • Eliminates more than 230+ contaminants
  • Can hold a half-gallon of water at a time
  • Capable of filtering 100 gallons before replacement
What I don’t like?
  • Small capacity fluoride filter
  • Purifies water at slower rates

Final words

The clear Pitcher provides quality water to meet all family drinking needs. People are using it even for their baby’s bottles and find the water with the best quality.

When we tested the Pitcher, it filters the water at a little bit slower rate.

This means if you need a lot of water at one time, you need to start filtering and filling up your bottles prior to actual use.

Moreover, the Pitcher makes some sounds due to air pressure that stops the steady flow of water. Having the holes on the top of the lid better has provided a steady flow and fast water pouring. 

2. AquaTru Countertop RO Whole House Fluoride Water Filter – Editor’s Choice

AquaTru Countertop RO - Best Whole House Water Filter to remove fluoride and chlorine

AquaTru is one of the best whole-house water filters to remove fluoride and chlorine because of its ultra-reverse osmosis technology.

The filter can remove 83 contaminants as per NSF certification, but it removes 99.99 % of water pollutants because of its advanced technology.

Moreover, you can have delicious and nourishing water immediately from this fluoride water filter by pouring the water into the holding tank, and then it starts the filtration process.

The design is a whole countertop filter, so there is not any hassle of installation. 

Aqua Tru - Best Fluoride Water Filter for whole house

The fluoride and other contaminants are filtered through four stages that include a mechanical filtration before RO, followed by a series of reverse osmosis pre-filter, the RO membrane, and a carbon post-filter mechanism. 

The fluoride filter can filter 600-1200 gallons of water before it needs the cartridge replacement.

The life span of the carbon filter cartridge is six months to 2 years, depending upon the consumption of fluoride-free water daily. 

Last but not least is the efficiency of the AquaTru filter. It works on a middle-level efficiency, and the ratio of clean water to wastewater is 1:4. 

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This means for every one gallon of clean fluoride-free water, four gallons of water are utilized/wasted.

What I like?
  • No technical installation is required
  • Fast and easy set up with instant working
  • A digital display shows important parameters, including filter change, temperature, and others
  • Long-lasting life span
What I don’t like?
  • Needs electricity
  • Does not remineralize the filtered water
  • Small water tank

Final words

AquaTru is one of the best whole house water filters to remove fluoride and chlorine from water and 1000s of the contaminants.

As per NFS certification, the filter removes 83 pollutants, including fluoride, lead, arsenic, and PFOs, but the company claims to remove 99.99% of chemicals.

Being economical and easy to use, it provides fluoride-free water equivalent to 4500 single-use water bottles.

Upon testing, we found the speed of the system is quite slow as compared to other filters, and the holding capacity of water is quite small.

Moreover, the parts are made of plastic and fragile, prone to breaking very soon.  

3. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Filter – Best Large Storage Fluoride Removal System

Big Berkey Gravity Filter to remove fluoride - Best Efficient Purification

Big Berkey is a large storage fluoride filter that can filter up to 6000 gallons of water before it needs a filter change.

It is famous for its 2.25-gallon capacity to purify water at a time, being quite suitable for a family of 1-4 people.

Furthermore, you can get your water purified from more than 200+ water contaminants, and non-treated water can also be filtered out easily. 

If you want to increase the capacity of your water filtration system, simply install another pair of purification elements to double up the capacity to give you fluoride-free water.

The overall cost of the purification becomes only 2 cents per gallon, making the whole process economical and budget-friendly for you. 

Whether you have a small space or a large one, it fits all because of its portable size and lightweight.

It only weighs 6.82 pounds, and it becomes extremely portable with 19.25 in height and 8.5 diameters. 

Moreover, the fluoride filter has been tested well by researchers and developers of this purifying system.

So there are no health hazards, taste differences, or quality issues. The water becomes delicious, easy to drink, and keeps you staying hydrated. 

What I like?
  • The fluoride filter can filter out more than 200+ contaminants
  • Comes with portable and compact size
  • Can purify raw water from natural sources like ponds, rivers, and streams
  • Third-party labs have tested the quality of the testing procedure
  • Large purifying capacity
  • Suitable for 1-4 people family
What I don’t like?
  • Fluoride filters add up to the additional cost
  • It can’t be installed under sinks or shelves

Final words

The Big Berkey is a gravity-fed purifying system that eliminates fluorides from the water to provide you with healthy and nourishing water.

It does not use any special installation, tools, or electricity for its work, so highly recommended for everyday drinking water needs even if you are always traveling with your family.

On testing, we found that the lower chamber can hold two P2F elements for arsenic filtration.

A rubber smell was observed for several days of usage until we got rid of the rubber sealing and installed silicone washers that work great with the filter.

Otherwise, it can be considered among the best Fluoride water filters with the longest life span of purifying elements. 

4. Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis System – Best Water-Saving Faucet

Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis System - Best Water-Saving Faucet to remove fluoride

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Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis is a tankless fluoride filter that filters out TDS and leads along with fluoride, certified by NSF 58 and 372.

It is a sleek and smart design without having any tank to avoid bacteria propagation, with a compact and portable structure.

As it features a smart faucet, you can track the quality and quantity of water without any waste.

Another exciting feature is its tankless filtration chamber which uses an RO system and measures the TDS level of water, eliminating all traces of fluoride and other water pollutants. 

Having a DOW membrane makes the filter highly efficient and accurate in filtering out all the contaminants to provide you with healthy and crispy water. 

The RO system is based on composite filter technology, being the first type of composite filter in its genre. The compact design is based on three filter designs that provide a seven-stage filtration system.

Moreover, the quality of the water is improved with the help of carbon-block-activated granules, which are made from coconut shells. 

To increase the capacity of the fluoride filter, a pump is used, which can deliver up to 400 gallons a day.

The most amazing quality of this fluoride water filter is its energy and water-saving capacities. It works on a 1:1 ratio and saves 300% water as compared to other filtration systems. 

What I like?
  • The most accurate water system that uses reverse osmosis technology to remove 99.99% of contaminants
  • Seven stage technology
  • Compact and slim design
What I don’t like?
  • It flushes 8.5-gallon water when we install it
  • Expensive

Final words

If you want to have a smart, aesthetically good, and featured faucet fluoride filter, you can consider this filter for your kitchen.

The filter is compact, smart, and portable that can easily fit under your sink. The RO pump is strong enough to filter 400 gallons per day, giving you a cup of filter water in 12 seconds.

On testing, we had to flush 8.5 gallons of water before we got filtered water. It is quite a large quantity of wastewater.

An LED light flashes until the water is run through the filter when we start it. It stays on until you get drinkable filtered water.

Moreover, its installation is tricky and time-consuming, requiring proper plumbing services. 

5. Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact- Filter for Large Families

Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact- Best Fluoride Filter for Large Families

Home Master TMAFC is famous for its built-in mineralization system along with purifying the water. It mineralizes the water with magnesium and calcium twice during the fluoride filtration process.

You get all the contaminants out, including chlorine, chloramines, lead, heavy metals, fluorides, and microplastics, filtered from its seven-stage filtration process. 

The filtered water is not only pure and BPA-free but also healthy and nutritious to drink.

Furthermore, the fluoride filter is based on the reverse osmosis process, which filters out all the unnecessary chemicals, pollutants, contaminants, and bacteria while cleaning the water. 

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Having NFS certification makes Home Master TMAFC highly efficient and popular among its users all around the world.

Moreover, a five years warranty lets you test and try the filter with your own experience, and you can have satisfaction while testing and using it. 

As the filter has a maximum capacity of 2000 gallons before it needs a replacement, you can use it for almost one year without requiring any additional budget.

The company has also solved the problem of slow water flow as it comes with fast flow. 

RO has large-size tubes and fittings capable of providing two times increased flow.

Last but not least, the filter has a small and compact design that weighs only 14 pounds and is best for under-sink installation.

What I like?
  • NSF certified
  • Has large tubes to offer double flow rate
  • 2000 gallons Maximum capacity before replacement
  • No assembly required as the unit is pre-assembled
  • It comes with a five-year warranty
What I don’t like?
  • The system consists of many pieces and needs proper plumbing

Final words

Home Master TMAFC  comes with a maximum storage of 2 to 3 gallons which is quite suitable for large families.

It also has a mineralization system that helps to maintain a fair amount of minerals in the filtered water.

We like this filter among all the fluoride filters because of the additional parts that come in the package.

The package includes a RO membrane and the filters, a 3.2-gallon storage tank, ⅜” an inlet water adapter, a shut-off valve, and an instruction manual.

The only tricky part is its installation, as it is time taking and needs some technical work. You must be cautious before opting for this filter, as the mineralization might increase the pH of the water. 

6. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Filter System – Whole House Fluoride Filtration

iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Filter System - Best Whole House Fluoride Filtration

If you want fluoride-free water with a natural taste and additional minerals, iSpring can be your choice.

It hits the spot among the best whole-house fluoride water filter because of its 6-stage filtration process, which balances the alkalinity of the water with additional water softeners. 

Furthermore, the filter is based on a sixth stage, remineralizing the alkaline water by adding healthy minerals to keep it healthy, natural, and tasty. 

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The filter comes with easy installation of DIY features that need just a small work prior to installation and start working immediately.

The filter is based on three house assemblies, with the first one being visual for process familiarity.

Moreover, the filter has an ultra-fine RO membrane that can eliminate as small as 0.0001 microns particles, giving you 99.9% pure water. 

It helps to clean over 1000 water pollutants, including fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and many other organic and inorganic chemicals.

This eradication of chemicals makes the water a little alkaline which is mineralized and gives you a healthy and nourishing taste. 

The package includes easy installation ½” deep quick-fitting connectors with push and lock systems, so no technical plumbing services are required. 

The whole filtration unit weighs 7.18 pounds with 15x8x18 inches dimensions, making it a compact system under the sink. 

What I like?
  • Remineralization of clean water
  • Includes minerals to decrease alkalinity of water
  • Easy push and lock fittings
  • NSF certified
  • Multi-layer filter system to provide maximum protection
What I don’t like?
  • The filter is heavyweight
  • Only one year warranty

Final words

iSpring RCC7AK is famous for its 6th-stage filtration process, which adds healthy and beneficial minerals to the water.

Upon testing, the filter appeared to be a little heavier than other units. The unit had wonderful equipment with strong built and easy-to-install options.

The only thing that was observed was high alkaline pH water that was reaching up to 10. This downside of the filter may be due to some issue with the typical unit’s RO membrane.

Furthermore, many reviewers have experienced little leakage around the expansion valve after certain months of using the filter.

7. Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Faucet Filtration – Removes Fluoride and Chlorine 

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Faucet Filtration - Best Water Filter to remove fluoride and chlorine

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 is one of the best fluoride filters because of its versatile use and easy connection with your sink faucet.

It is capable of connecting to your kitchen faucet directly, so it gives instant, and hassle-free cleaned water. 

Whether you are looking for a small, instant, and compact filter or want an NSF-certified product to give you guaranteed results, it fits all. 

With its ACF material features and fast process, you can easily get four bottles of clean water within a minute.

Furthermore, NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 372 ensure that you get chlorine and lead-free water.

It can give 320 gallons before needing a replacement, so it can simply go 3 to 4 months for continuous operation. 

Although it has a simple design and can work with your sink faucets, this compatibility is only with standard faucets.

If you have a handheld or spray faucet, then changing it to a simple standard faucet can bring desired results to you. To avoid any inconvenience, see the compatibility of the filter with your faucet. 

It is a small and compact filtration system as it only weighs 1 pound with 8.06×7.1×2.9 inches.

Moreover, you only need to replace the filter four times a year as it offers 320 gallons of clean water per filter cartridge. 

What I like?
  • NFS certified
  • Compatible with standard sink faucets
  • Requires no plumbing
  • Best to eliminate lead and chlorine along with fluoride particles
  • A cartridge can provide 320 gallons of water before replacement
  • Capable of filtering small particles up to 0.5 microns
What I don’t like?
  • Not compatible with non-standard faucets
  • A plastic body may not be very durable

Final words

This is the smallest water filter you can ever have within the minimum cost for quality. It offers high-quality purification and lets you enjoy nourishing and healthy water.

The filter is fixed on the faucet and does not need any technical installation. We found it to be strong and durable.

But it can’t be installed with all types of faucets and goes with standard specifications only.

As it is directly installed on the faucet, you can get an unlimited water supply within minutes for any number of family members.

The only downside is its plastic body which may not be appealing and aesthetically attractive for many people. 

8. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 – Best Mineral Water Filter

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 - Best Mineral Water Filter

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 is one of the fluoride filters which is mostly used as a water filter for fluoride and chlorine.

It is a three-stage water filter that removes 93% of water contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, lead, and many other chemicals.

It has a small and compact design with optimized lightweight. This design helps to keep the filter on the countertop. So no hassle is involved in its installation. 

Furthermore, if you want pure, nourishing, and fluoride-free water during travel, this filter can be a great choice.

Based on multi-grain carbon technology, the filter can eliminate the most hazardous elements of water, giving you the healthiest water. 

When we tested the filter, we experienced a good and efficient flow of water. The filter fits well on the countertop and is compact.

However, the material of the filter appeared to be plasticky and fragile. It does not have a metallic adapter, and the threads of the adapter can wear out quite soon. 

The maximum capacity of water filtration is 500 gallons until the filter needs a cartridge change. 

What I like?
  • Smart and compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Best fit for countertop filter
  • Simple installation
What I don’t like?
  • Has plastic adapters instead of metals

Final words

This filter makes its spot among the best fluoride water filters because of its capacity of removing 93% of contaminants and holding up good healthy minerals.

You can enjoy the healthiest water without remineralization of water.

Best Fluoride Water Filters – Buying Guide for 2023

Buying fluoride filters is not an easy task as there are plenty of filters available in the market.

If you know the factors that are involved in choosing a high-quality filter, you can narrow down your research and find the best fluoride filter for the whole house, point-of-use, or water bottle.

You can see the factors that can help you get the best product according to your choice and need

1. Know your requirement

Before you choose a fluoride filter, make sure you know your own requirements. All the fluoride filters have different capacities in terms of the amount of water they can filter per day.

Furthermore, a filter needs a cartridge change after a certain quantity of water is filtered. Many filters can filter up to 6000 gallons and are thought to be the best filters for large families.

So if you need more gallons a day, choose a filter with a large capacity. 

2. Budget

Budget is the second top consideration you must think of. Whether you are looking for a low-budget filter or you can buy a good quality filter with a high budget.

The amount of money will decide the type of filter you will buy.

3. Capacity

What amount of water do you want to get filtered daily? The capacity of all the filters varies from filter to filter.

For large families, you need a filter that can provide you with a good number of gallons of fluoride filter but for smaller families, you can either choose a small size or portable 

4. Size

Size is another important factor before buying a filter. If you have a high capacious kitchen countertop, you can manage a big-size filter.

But for small spaces, compact, small, and under-sink designs are preferred.

5. Technology

The quality of raw water also decides what technology-based filter you should have. Reverse osmosis technology eradicates a maximum of water pollutants and has all NSF certifications.

Some filters do come with remineralization features, so they provide fluoride-free mineral water.

You can choose any of these filters depending on the quality of raw water and the quality of water you want to achieve.


No, boiling the water does not eliminate the fluoride as it does not evaporate. Rather they get more consolidated and are not possible to eliminate without fluoride filtration.

All reverse osmosis-based water filters can remove fluorides and chlorine from your water source. 

If you want to remove fluoride and salt at the same time, try to choose a reverse osmosis-based filter. It not only removes the fluoride from water but also eliminates 1000s of pollutants along with salt. 

✔️ Final Verdict

Buying the best fluoride water filter for your whole house can be a difficult task because of so many filters out there. A good quality filter must have a longer life span, high capacity, and compact design.

The below filtration systems are highly recommended for use:

  • Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher comes at the topmost place on today’s review list that provides the best value for the money and it is also a budget choice.
  • AquaTru Countertop RO comes next to the list if you are looking for a fluoride filtration system having easy-to-install features, a compact design, and is capable of 99.9% eradication of pollutants.
  • Big Berkey Gravity, with a maximum capacity of 6000 gallons of fluoride-free water comes in second place. Do you know it costs only 2 cents per gallon of water? Yes, it’s true and therefore considered to be best for its efficiency.

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